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The Maximum Strength "Riel Way" CD Collection

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
(minus shipping and handling)
All CD's come with full instructions.

No Risk!
Try the "Riel Way" hypno-therapy CD's for 30 days.
If for any reason you are not satisfied, send your CD(s) back in their original condition.
You will receive a complete refund, less the cost of shipping and handling.

Purchase one CD for $18 or the entire collection of 15 CDs for just $220 (a $270 value)


EC-1 Entire Collection of 15 CD's
$220 for all 15 CD's



R-1 Stop Smoking Reinforcement
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Part 1: Helps you reduce the uptight feeling that accompanies tension that leads to picking up a cigarette. Use this CD when needed and it will help keep you a non-smoker.
  • Part 2: Helps to break the associated habit between smoking and activities. Example: drinking coffee and smoking, play the subliminal side while drinking coffee and break the habit of wanting a cigarette. Do the same while driving your car, on the telephone, after eating, etc.


R-2 Stop Stress Now!
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Become calmer and more relaxed!
  • Stop nervousness and anxiety!
  • Lower blood pressure!
  • Stop headaches and muscle pain!


R-3 Build Self-Confidence
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Stop Being Shy!
  • Be More Assertive!
  • Go after what you want in life!
  • Achieve greater success!
  • Be a winner!


R-4 Improve Your Memory
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Remember names, dates, directions, telephone numbers and never forget them!
  • Excellent CD to improve job, school and social performance!


R-5 Improve Concentration
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Improve A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)!
  • Learn better!
  • Stop your mind from wandering.
  • Train your mind to focus where you want it to!


R-6 Maximum Sleep
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Sleep soundly throughout the night!
  • Wake up refreshed and alert!
  • Amazing results on the very first night!


R-7 Flying Without Fear
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Fly across the country and enjoy the trip!
  • Fly without fear!
  • Fly without Anxiety!


R-8 Stop Snoring
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Larynx muscles will relax.
  • Nostril muscles will relax.
  • Learn how to breathe correctly in hypnosis and then fall asleep breathing correctly!


R-9 Control Your Temper (Let go of your anger)
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • This is an excellent CD for those who feel overwhelmed and need to calm down emotionally and be back in control.


R-10 Improve Your Life & Be Happier!
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • This CD will give you the secret hypnotic messages to produce more happiness in your life!


R-11 Eat Less Fat
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • This CD will greatly reduce your desire to eat fatty food through powerful direct hypnotic suggestions that will amaze you.


R-12 Eat Less Junk Food
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • This CD will magically reduce your desire for even the most mouth-watering desserts, chocolate, ice creams, potato chips, etc.


R-13 Total Motivation for Exercise and Weight Loss
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • Many programs have gone down the drain because people lose their motivation to continue.
  • This CD will keep you going, keep you interested until you have reached your desired goal!


R-14 Two-Part Subliminal Weight Loss
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • This two-part subliminal CD will become your everyday travel CD.
  • It will simplify your program so that your success will come easier and quicker.


R-15 Main Weight Loss
$18  plus shipping & handling
  • This is the CD that cuts into the psychological reasons behind the weight gain.

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