How will I know I am hypnotized?
You will not only know it, you will enjoy it. Once hypnotized, you enter a state of physical relaxation, yet you are mentally aware. You can hear and are able to concentrate intensely, without the slightest effort.

Will I be unconscious or asleep during the hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a light trance, similar to daydreaming. You may hear everything around you, not like falling asleep or being anesthetized for surgery. The conscious mind may hear everything that is being said, but the goal is for the subconscious to receive the message to help you achieve your goal. You will always be awake and fully aware.

About how long are the CD's?
Each hypno-therapy CD is approximately 22 minutes long on each side.

Who developed "The Riel Way" method of stop smoking and weight loss?
Richard F. Riel, M.Ed developed this new hypnosis and behavior modification technique over a four-year period. Richard has been a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist for the past thirty years. Richard himself was a thirty-year, three-pack-a-day incurable cigarette smoking addict, which motivated him to develop this special method of hypnosis and behavior modification. Since employing this technique, 98% of his clients have no withdrawal after they stop smoking. Through this special application of hypnosis and behavior modification, thousands of people have stopped smoking easily, without withdrawals, even for those who have said: "It won't work for me!" or "I can't be hypnotized."

Being a psychotherapist, Richard was more interested in finding the cause of problems rather than changing symptoms. Most psychologists will agree that overeating is a symptom of something else that is going on inside the person. What Richard has developed is a method by which the subconscious problem can be reached and changed so that the individual is able to lose weight naturally.

Since smoking is a physical addiction, how can "The Riel Way" help prevent "cold turkey" withdrawals?
"The Riel Way", when used to stop smoking, focuses almost exclusively on interrupting your "conditioned responses." Your subconscious will aid your body during precisely those times when you are accustomed to having a cigarette. Instead of your subconscious making your body desire nicotine after a meal, with coffee or alcohol, or while driving your automobile, it will help you remain relaxed and pain free. Using "The Riel Way" thousands of smokers have quit calmly, painlessly and without weight gain - all in one night!

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