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If you've tried to quit - cold turkey - gum - the patch - or hypnosis - and nothing works, The Riel Way is for you! My method has worked for thousands of former smokers. I guarantee to end your smoking habit and you will not experience any withdrawal, weight gain or anxiety.

My program is designed to stop you from smoking forever - not just cut down. You will eliminate a habit of a lifetime. My method works every day to eliminate stress-related withdrawal symptoms like your job, kids, behind the wheel, and at work. You will feel it and know it's working the moment you use these CD's.

Never Crave Cigarettes Again. My 37 hypnotic suggestions will eliminate your cravings.

This Power Pak features four CD's:

  • R-1 Stop Smoking
  • R-2 Stress Management
  • R-3 Build Self-Confidence
  • R-13 Total Motivation for Exercise and Weight Loss

Buy it now for only $71.00!


30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus shipping and handling)!
Try this Power Pak for 30 days and, if not satisfied, send back
the CD's for a full refund (minus shipping and handling).
You have nothing to lose except your weight.

Try it!!

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